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Post-quantum Cryptography

With the imminent arrival of quantum computers, these will break classical cryptography algorithms and allow to retroactively decrypt any encrypted traffic recorded now.

This project is focused on migrating classical algorithms to post-quantum ones and setting up large scale Post-quantum cryptography experiments in real settings.


2022A tale of two models: Formal verification of KEMTLS via Tamarin

27th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS) 2022, Denmark. 2022.
Sofía Celi, Jonathan Hoyland, Douglas Stebila, Thom Wiggers

2021Implementing and measuring KEMTLS

Progress in Cryptology – LATINCRYPT 2021, Lecture Notes in Computer Science(), vol 12912. Springer, 2021.
Sofía Celi, Armando Faz-Hernandez, Nick Sullivan, Goutam Tamvada, Luke Valenta, Thom Wiggers, Bas Westerbaan, Christopher A. Wood

2019Measuring TLS key exchange with post-quantum KEM

Workshop Record of the Second PQC Standardization Conference. 2019.
Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, Nick Sullivan, Adam Langley, Dave Levin, Alan Mislove

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