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Alishah Chator Alishah Chator
Research Engineer Intern

Alishah is an Applied Cryptography researcher from Johns Hopkins University, advised by Matthew Green. His interests lie broadly in improving privacy in real world systems. This includes designing schemes with rigorously proven guarantees and auditing existing schemes to understand how privacy loss arises. His work has involved optimizing anonymous cryptocurrencies, analyzing proposed vehicle communications schemes, and exploring new cryptographic handshake protocols. In addition, he is passionate about problems in computer security that impact technology policy.

Research Areas

Applied Cryptography, Privacy, Technology Policy


2018nQUIC: Noise-based QUIC packet protection

EPIQ'18: Proceedings of the Workshop on the Evolution, Performance, and Interoperability of QUIC, pp. 22-28. 2018.
Mathias Hall-Andersen, David Wong, Nick Sullivan, Alishah Chator