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Avani Wildani Avani Wildani
Research Manager

Avani manages North American research projects at Cloudflare Research, and also maintains an affiliation as visiting assistant professor of computer science and neuroscience at Emory University. Her past positions include being a faculty member in computer science, a postdoc in neural computing, and a professional video game player. She holds a B.S. from Harvey Mudd College, M.S. from the University of New Mexico, and Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Avani's research interests lie in understanding the relationships between information and knowledge, encompassing measurement and data collection, data mining, and high performance information storage over time along with associated projects in environmental prediction and neural computability. At Cloudflare, she leads efforts to better understand and improve data movement at scale, future proof the internet, and collaborate with the greater academic community.

She also is the creator of Project Hypatia, a forum to collect and disseminate research driven by female or non-binary presenting scientists, as well as a fellow of and frequent speaker at Odd Salon San Francisco, a speaker series with the tag line "expert talks on odd topics; odd talks on everything else".

Research Areas

Storage Systems, Caching, Workload Modeling, Data Mining, Neural Computability


2023Portunus: Re-imagining access control in distributed systems

2023 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC 23), pp. 35-52, Boston, MA, 2023.
Watson Ladd, Marloes Venema, Tanya Verma, Armando Faz-Hernandez, Brendan McMillion, Avani Wildani, Nick Sullivan